Ficus lyrata bambino

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Ficus lyrata bambino

Light conditions: can withstand some direct, daily sun (although not peak afternoon heat) otherwise indirect, bright light will keep this plant happy.
Neediness: requires some maintenance to ensure the environment mimics its natural humid environment, its leaves will need occasional dusting with a damp cloth. Fiddle-Leaf Fig are sensitive to changes in environment and will take some time to adjust to their new home.
Watering: water weekly during the warmer months or when the top inch of soil feels dry, less frequently during the winter months. Avoid overwatering as the plant will drop its leaves. We would recommend misting even during the cold winter months to keep the plant moist and happy as the temperature cools.
Ideal location: bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and studies
Rate of growth: The Fiddle-Leaf Fig grows new leaves and shoots quite quickly. 
Temperature: avoid cold draughts and keep at a normal room temperature
Pets: this plant is non-toxic to pets.

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