The Bloom Project

The Bloom Project

Subscription Blooms

Subscribe to receive fresh flowers weekly or monthly

Subscribe to receive an unforgettable bouquet weekly or monthly, directly from Queens Road, Leicester. This could be for yourself or a special gift for a loved one. Each bouquet will be handpicked by the florist and include only the best seasonal blooms. The design will be different every time and delivered directly to you. The flowers will be wrapped in brown paper and arrive not in water. If you are not in to receive the flowers, we will leave them with a neighbour or in a safe place and provide a bucket with water. The bucket should be left out or handed back on the next delivery date.



Your subscription flowers will be delivered to the same address, but the date may vary by a few days to the last delivery date.


Please Note: Service limited to:  LE1, LE2, LE3, LE4, LE5, LE8, LE18, LE19 postcode areas. Please call if you have a delivery area outside of these areas. 

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